Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack Review

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack Overview

Medela Pump In Style Advanced

If you’re a working breastfeeding mum, you should know how awkward it feels to pump milk when you’re in the office, or anywhere that’s not home. I know that’s always been a major issue for me. Big, bulky, and overbearing breast pumps can instantly draw attention when pumping.

So you can just imagine how relieved I felt when I found the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump which is advertised as the most discreet pump on the market. I immediately bought a unit and tried to see if it would solve my privacy problem. Want to know how it worked out? Find out here!

The Skinny on the Pump In Style – Medela Pump In Style Advanced

Medela Pump In Style Advanced

Medela is a well-known manufacturer of breastfeeding and post-natal care products. The brand is based in Switzerland, but has expanded to many other parts of the globe. Their Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump has become widely popular among breastfeeding mums, and leverages discretion as its major selling point.


  • Small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around when away from home
  • Customized bag makes concealing the unit hassle-free for utmost discretion
  • Scientifically developed 2-phase expression process mimics baby’s natural sucking pattern for maximum output


  • Less powerful compared to other retail breast pumps on the market
  • Condensation builds up in the tubing after a few uses which can affect the sanitation of the milk being expressed
  • The unit makes a lot of noise when in use, making it less discreet than some mums would prefer

At a Glance

The medela pump in style advanced definitely is a fashion-forward breast pump set. For working mums who don’t want to lug a heavy pump around all day, this could be the perfect option. However, the noise generated by the pump and its weaker pumping action can be a tad inconvenient.

Made for Specific Mums

Although it’s not necessarily the most perfect pump in the market, the medela pump in style can definitely be a good pump for some mums. Particularly:

  • Mums with jobs that require a lot of travelling or moving around, or those who don’t have a specific office room to sit down and work in
  • Mums who want to set-up a breast pump fast to cut back on preparation time
  • Mums who prefer bringing a single bag to work instead of two separate bags for office items and a pump

Little Things to Love

  • Different Designs – The Pump In Style stays true to its name by offering milking mums different bag styles to choose from. Currently, the company offers there styles – a messenger bag, a long-handled tote, and a backpack. So you can be sure to find the right style for you.
  • Cooler Bag – For mums who can’t store their milk in the office refrigerator, a cooler bag with a contoured ice pack helps keep breast milk at the right temperature to guarantee freshness.
  • Built-In Pump – Two of the bag designs have the pump built-in. This allows a greater deal of storage space so you can throw in your other personal items and use a single bag throughout the day.
  • Easily-Accessible Replacement Parts – Medela is a popular brand, so you can be sure to find replacement parts for your Medela breast pump at your local specialty baby supply stores.

Other Mommies Weigh In

“This pump changed the way I express milk. I used to struggle just carrying my older pump, and setting it up in the office was another story. I never even considered pumping while I was in the car on my way to work. But with the Pump In Style, everything’s just lighter. The pump is conveniently built-in to the bag, and everything else fits inside perfectly. I even have enough room to keep my other purse items, too. Sure, the power’s not so great on this, but it pumps just enough so I have something to bring home to my little one.” – Pump in Style User

“As a real estate agent, I always find myself having to drive to lots of different places around my city to meet clients and tour properties. This makes it a major challenge to find time to pump, especially if you’re using one that’s difficult to set up. The Pump in Style has made it a lot easier for me to collect milk sans the struggle of preparing a massive pump. It’s simple, convenient, and very easy to carry around. Plus the cooler bag inclusion means I don’t have to worry about spoilage before I get home!” – Pump in Style User

“I really did want to like this pump, but I just couldn’t help but feel like it wasn’t what I was looking for. It’s pretty good at first, but as time goes on, the suctioning power gets kind of weak. As a mum who pumps over three times a day, I was really hoping to get something more durable. Another thing is the sound. Sure, it’s discreet in terms of appearances with the fancy bag and all. But the noise just gives it away anyway.” – Pump in Style User

More on Medela

  • How much does it cost? – The entire set – bag, pump, and bottles included – costs between 300 and 360 USD, depending on the style of bag you’re choosing.
  • Where can I buy it? – Medela sells the Pump in Style through their own website, but you can also get a set through marketplaces like Amazon.
  • What’s the warranty? – Medela offers 1 year warranty for the unit on workmanship and material defects. For accessories and parts, warranty covers the product for up to 90 days after purchase.
  • Where can I buy replacement parts? – Replacement parts can be purchased through Medela’s online website and other internet-based retailers. There are also lots of baby specialty stores that sell Medela pump replacement parts and accessories for slightly higher prices.

The Final Verdict

All in all, the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump is a great pick for mums on the go. The lightweight set and discreet bag draw very little attention and make it a whole lot easier to navigate different places without the weight of a heavy pump on your shoulders.

While I do recommend this pump for mums who need something that’s easier to carry around, mommas who want something a little more powerful (and don’t mind the extra weight) should check out the Spectra USA Baby S2.

If you’re interested in the Pump in Style, though, you can learn even more about it here!

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