Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump Review

Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump Overview

Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Most mums spend anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour to finish one breast milk pumping session. But because most breast pumps require mums to assume and maintain an awkward forward-leaning position, those 30 minutes can seem like a painful eternity. I know that’s how it makes me feel! That is why today i am going to review philips avent double electric comfort breast pump.

Tired of going through the same uncomfortable process, I decided to look for a breast pump that would make pumping more pleasant. That’s how I found the Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump. Needless to say, I bought it immediately and paid extra for express delivery so I can get my hands on it pronto!

Want to know how this breast pump worked out for me? Read about my experience here.

The Dirt on the Philips AVENT Double Electric

The Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump is one of three different breast pumps offered by Philips Avent. The brand is based in England and is a branch of the popular Philips brand which specializes in consumer electronics. Their Avent line exclusively manufactures breastfeeding and baby care products which compete with other popular brands on the market.


  • Quiet pumping, ideal for mums who want to pump milk while at work.
  • Easy, intuitive design makes it simple to assemble the pump even without instructions.
  • Portable, small, and lightweight, perfect for mums on the go.
  • Effortless cleaning because of the limited number of parts.
  • Ergonomic breast cup design keeps milk where it should be – even if you lean back and relax.


  • Rubber inlays make the pumping process uncomfortable, despite being advertised as the most comfortable breast pump.
  • Difficult to properly line the nipple for efficient pumping, requiring a lot of repositioning.
  • Pump suctioning power is relatively weak compared to other breast pumps.

What I Think So Far With The Philips AVENT Double Electric

Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

The Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump from Philips Avent retails for up to 100 USD less than other breast pumps on the market, making it an economical choice for mums on a budget. However, the lack of pumping power and the general discomfort can make it a little bit of a hassle to operate and use.

Mommas Who Would Love the Double
The Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump from Philips can be a great breast pump – but only for certain mums. This includes:

  • Mums who can’t stand the back pain caused by other breast pumps.
  • Mums who are working on a budget and want to buy a breast pump that’s a little on the cheaper side of the price spectrum.
  • Mums who have lots of breast milk and easily let-down their supply, without the need for extra strong suctioning power.
  • Mums who want a portable, easy to assemble solution, especially those who don’t have the time to spend putting together an elaborate breast pump rig at work.
  • Mums who like quieter pumps to keep the process discreet when they’re away from home or in public.

Things I Can’t Get Enough Of

  • Ease of Assembly – Lots of other breast pumps on the market come with countless different pieces that can make them hard to put together. The Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump’s intuitive design and limited number of parts and pieces make it very easy to put together, so mums can get pumping fast.
  • Double Pumping Action – Mums can easily pump both breasts with this breast pump, thus cutting the pumping time in half. This means you can get the job done during lunch break, or while your baby naps in the afternoon.
  • Portable – It’s a struggle to lug around a giant, 5 pound breast pump everywhere you go. That’s why the Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump is perfect for mums who are tired of carrying a heavy pump bag everywhere. At just 2 pounds, this breast pump proves to be one of the lightest ones yet.

What Other Double-Using Mommas Said

  • “I purchased the Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump from Philips Avent because it was cheaper than any other pump I could find. The one I used for my previous child was a lot more expensive and a whole lot heavier, which is why this was such a good choice for me.

The suctioning power isn’t quite as strong as the older one I had though, so despite being a double-breast pump, it can take some time to finish a session. What’s more, although it’s advertised as a comfortable pump, the breast suctions aren’t actually that comfortable to use.

Sometimes, it can feel like the pump is twisting your breasts in all the wrong places, so it will take some getting used to and some maneuvering before you can achieve the right fit.” – Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump User

  • “I just love this pump! It’s so lightweight which makes bringing it to work with me no hassle at all. It’s easy to assemble, so I can get pumping just 5 minutes after setting it up. Sure, the suction isn’t all that powerful, but if you have enough milk and you let-down easily, then that shouldn’t be a problem.” – Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump User
  • “It’s really not a bad pump. I mean, it gets the job done. The only issue I have is that it’s advertised as a “comfortable” pump which is stated even in the name of the product itself. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as comfortable when you use it which can be pretty annoying for mums with sensitive skin like me.” – Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump User

Other Things You Should Know

  • How much does it cost? – The Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump retails for around 200 USD.
  • Where can I buy it? – This breast pump is available for purchase through the Philips Avent website, marketplaces like Amazon, as well as accredited online retailers. There are also physical baby supply specialty stores that sell this pump.
  • Can I buy parts and accessories separately? – Yes. The breast suctions can adapt to most Philips Avent baby bottles so those can be used as milk collection containers. Other spare parts and accessories are mostly available through Philips Avent.
  • What’s the warranty? – Philips Avent offers 1 year warranty on unit workmanship and material defects. Parts and accessories can be replaced within 90 days of purchase.

The Bottomline

All in all, the Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump is a good pump – but it could be better. The portable design, ease of assembly, and easy-to-clean parts makes up for the pump’s weak suctioning and uncomfortable breast suction.

So, if you want an easy pump with moderate pumping power, this may be a good choice. But if you don’t mind spending a little extra, the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump can give you the same portability benefit sans the breast discomfort.

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