Rumble Tuff Single Electric Breast Pump Review

Rumble Tuff Single Electric Breast Pump Overview

Rumble Tuff Single Electric Breast Pump

Breast pumps can be very expensive. I had to learn this the hard way when my husband and I were expecting our first baby. We ended up buying a breast pump that was three times our allotted budget! I promised myself that I wouldn’t make that mistake again.

So, when we found out years later that we were expecting, I decided to do some research to find a breast pump that would maximize my budget. After some searching, I found the Rumble Tuff Single Electric Breast Pump and was amazed to discover it only cost a fraction of other pumps!

Of course, I went on to buy it to see how well this budget pump would work out for me. So if you want to find out more about my experience with the Rumble Tuff Single Electric pump, keep on reading!

The Stuff on the Rumble Tuff Single Electric Breast Pump

Rumble Tuff is a baby speciality brand that manufactures breast pumps and other baby supplies. The brand is based in Utah, but has lots of branches worldwide. While they’re not quite as popular as other breast pump brands, they’re definitely a lot more affordable making their products a major consideration for mums on a budget.


  • Affordable! Their pumps can cost up to three times less than high end breast pumps on the market.
  • Operates via a wall outlet or with AA batteries, making it easy to bring the machine to life wherever you may be.
  • The unit and accessories all together weigh only 0.7 pounds for ease of transport and portability.


  • Plastic build makes the pump feel flimsy and cheap.
  • Weak pumping power, making the milking process more time consuming than with other pumps.
  • Generates a lot of noise, making it a poor choice for mums who milk in the vicinity of a sleeping baby.

Made for Specific Mums

The Single Electric Pump from Rumble Tuff is specially designed for a specific type of mum, particularly:

  • Mums who want to buy a breast pump but are working on a budget.
  • Mums who want a lightweight pump that’s easy to bring wherever.
  • Mums who prefer a pump they can use with store bought batteries.

What I Thought of the Rumble Tuff Single Electric Breast Pump

Rumble Tuff Single Electric Breast Pump

At less than a hundred dollars, this’s definitely the best pump for t you should manage your expectations. When it comes to breast pumps, you get what you pay for. So don’t expect too much pumping power or a strong, sophisticated pump design.

What I Loved about the RT Single Electric Breast Pump

  • Affordable – The best thing about the Rumble Tuff Single Electric pump is the price. It’s the cheapest pump on the market, coming in at less than a hundred dollars. This is perfect for mums who don’t have too big of a budget to spend on a breast pump.
  • Operates on Batteries – Other breast pumps come with a rechargeable battery, so if you forget to charge it, you’re basically rendered powerless. But because this breast pump can run on standard double A batteries, you can go and buy a set of four wherever you are to get pumping in no time.
  • Lightweight – Whether this was a consequence of the budget-friendly materials or a deliberate feature of the design, I’m not really sure. But this breast pump from Rumble Tuff is definitely very easy to bring around, thanks to its lightweight build.

Other Mommies Talk About the Single Electric Pump from Rumble Tuff

  • “I wanted to buy a breast pump because I expected to go back to work a few months after my baby was born. I didn’t want her to drink formula while I was away, so I decided it would be best to express milk instead. After checking most of my options, I came to find that most of them were upwards of 250 USD which really wasn’t my set budget. So when I found this pump from Rumble Tuff, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. It’s very affordable, and while it isn’t quite as feature-rich or powerful as other pumps, it gets the job done.” – Single Electric Breast Pump User
  • “I thought this pump would be a steal because of the price. But after I started using it, I felt more like I just wasted my money. It definitely does express milk, but not at the rate that other pumps do it. It’s also very noisy, so don’t expect to get any pumping done while baby is away. Finally, the body itself seems very cheap and flimsy. If you want something that feels like it will last, this isn’t it.” – Single Electric Breast Pump User 
  • “I have a love hate relationship with this pump. First off, it was very easy on the pocket. And the build is so lightweight, I forget that I even have it with me. That said though, it is very noisy and some mums might not feel like that’s a forgivable feature especially if you want to express milk while at work. It has average pumping power, and it’s not quite as powerful as other pumps. But if you just want a breast pump that will help you get what you need, then everything else becomes irrelevant.” – Single Electric Breast Pump User

More on the Single Electric Breast Pump from Rumble Tuff

Rumble Tuff Single Electric Breast Pump

  • Where can I buy it? – This breast pump is available for purchase through Rumble Tough, or through online marketplaces like Amazon. It can also be purchased through leading baby supply retail outlets and select toy retailers.
  • How much does it cost? ­– The pump can cost as little as 99 USD, depending where you choose to buy it.
  • What’s the warranty? – Rumble Tuff covers all breast pumps for 1 year after purchase, and all other parts and accessories are covered for 120 days after purchase.
  • How long does delivery take? – Depending on your location, delivery can take as short as 3 days, and as long as 1 month.

The Wrap Up

Mommies on a budget will love the Rumble Tuff Single Electric Breast Pump because it’s affordable and reasonably efficient. When it comes to prices, there really isn’t any other pump that comes close to this pocket-friendly cost, so it’s definitely something you may want to give a shot.

If you’re set on buying one of these super budget breast pumps today, you can learn more about the Single Electric Breast Pump from Rumble Tuff here!

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